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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2009|11:19 am]
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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2009|10:35 pm]

simply adorable magnets from joojoo

mini stitched cheeseburgers by lisa

Nymphenburg USA {new}
gorgeous german nymphenburg porcelain

kat mcleod's beautiful page spreads for like i give a frock

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oh so. [Apr. 25th, 2009|04:29 pm]
1. What is your current obsession?
balmain jackets and acid washed ripped jeans

 2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
to be able to fly.

3. What do you see outside your window?
the sky and buildings

4. What's your favourite colour?
navy blue

5. Your favourite weather?
cold but sunny. like those mornings when the air is really crisp and fresh, and it's cold, but the sun is warm.

6. Which animal would you be?
giraffe i guess. i'll get to have a bigger view of my surroundings.

7. What's for dinner?
awesome fish head curry! by the greatest cook in the world- my mom. (:

8. If you could learn another language, which one would you choose?

9. What's on your bedside table?
i don't have one. my room is too small. ):

10. What's your favourite children's book?
none in particular but i especially love those beautiful picture books with one liners or something.

11. What's your favourite thing to do in the summer?

12. What would you like to have in your hands right now?
an ipod touch

13. What's your favourite tea flavour?
peach tea? not a big fan of tea.

14. If you could go anywhere in the world for an hour, where would you go?
an hour! ah. uhhh. paris most probably.

15. What did you want to be as a child?
either a teacher or chef

16. What's your favourite smell?
anything fruity :D

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life is beautiful; [Apr. 24th, 2009|10:23 am]

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
-William Arthur Ward

alright now that the sem's over, i finally have the time to sit back and chillax. (:
it's been a really dreadful sem but i'm glad i survived through it.
i couldn't be more thankful for this bunch of friends who stuck with me throughout,
probably since they have to undergo the same shit as well. hahaha.
school will be so much less enjoyable without them.

dearest ah chew, foxy, bella, charis, g, mel, jeanette, jt and tu,
thanks for tolerating all my nonsense, shit, rubbish, retardedness and the list goes on.
i know it's hard on you girls but i'm sure your tolerance level is way high up now
so that's good training for you all. (:
thanks for never failing to make me laugh! xD
laughter's indeed the best medicine, perhaps the reason why i have not fallen seriously ill yet. heh.
so in conclusion, just want you all to know that...


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feelin' good; [Apr. 22nd, 2009|05:22 pm]
thank God finals are finally over and i couldn't be any happier. :D

anyway searching for lovely things has become my new found hobby. (:

alright off to work!

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forever young; [Apr. 21st, 2009|06:05 pm]
was just checking out forever 21 and look what i've found!
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fly away; [Apr. 20th, 2009|07:35 pm]
2 down, 2 more to go.
i'm glad ugc is finally over but then i can't help but to rant about this one last time.

who the fuck knows that french indochina is actually vietnam?

UGH. so terribly annoyed.
curtis is one cunning fox.
okay fine, maybe i just didn't study hard enough.
oh well.

alright pretty photos to make me feel happier so here goes!

source: alicia bock

she is one photographer who takes the most awesome photos ever.
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don't cry for me argentina; [Apr. 19th, 2009|07:02 pm]

by elias tahan

my nightmare begins tomorrow.
i hope i live til then.
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i love andy [Apr. 18th, 2009|11:55 pm]

huixin you've got to FOCUS. 

p/s: janice, your curtis photos fail in comparison to these. hahahha!
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hot stuff don't bluff [Apr. 18th, 2009|05:43 pm]

ali stephens (:

seriously ugc is sucking the life out of me.
i'm merely reading, not even studying or memorizing, and i'm halfway dead alr.
at this rate i'm going, failing is a high possibility.
doesn't help that i'm still surfing around.
internet is indeed a source of evil.
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